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With over 30 years of experience and thousands of tax returns prepared and EFiled, R Brenton Driscoll, CPA, CA is your trusted accountant for personal tax services in Calgary and the surrounding area. As a former partner with an international accounting firm and up until recently the proud owner of an Okotoks public accounting practice, I have had the opportunity to develop a strong tax and accounting background that I bring to all my clients.

Taxes, like math, can be hard and it’s important to stay on top of the ever-changing rules to ensure you take advantage of the multitude of rules and deductions available. As well, no one wants to get on the bad side of the Canada Revenue Agency so its important to get your filings made on time to avoid penalties and interest.

Let me help you stay current with your personal tax filings and assist in catching up if behind. The majority of Canadians receive tax refunds. This year’s tax filing deadline is April 30th so the earlier the better.

I provide complete personal tax services including preparation, EFiling, and audit support to meet all your needs

Tax Planning

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

I can help you develop a personalized tax plan to minimize your tax liability and maximize your savings.

Tax Return Preparation

R Brenton Driscoll, CPA, CA has been handling my personal tax returns for years. He is always professional, efficient, and gets me the best possible refund.

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I highly recommend R Brenton Driscoll, CPA, CA for tax needs. He provides excellent service, going above and beyond to ensure my taxes are done right

I have been a client of R Brenton Driscoll, CPA, CA for over a decade and have always been impressed with his expertise and attention to detail.

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